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The Slave Ship Interviews

  • “The Slave Ship Embodies the Whole Story of Slavery,” Interview by Nirit Ben-Ari, originally published in Ha-aretz, April 21, 2014, republished in Critical Legal Thinking, May 22, 2014 (print)
  • “Ghosts on the Waterfront: An Interview with Marcus Rediker,” Interview by Simon Garnett, Eurozine, July 27, 2012 (print)
  • Société des études Robespierristes, Interview by Marc Belissa, December 2011 (print, in French)
  • Socialist ReviewInterview by Hassan Mahamdallie, December 2007 (print)
  • National Public Radio, The Leonard Lopate Show,  WNYC, October 2007 (audio)
  • National Public Radio, Talk of the Nation, October 2007 (audio)
  • National Public Radio,  News and Notes, March 2007 (audio)