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Many Middle Passages

Forced Migration and the Making of the Modern World

Table of Contents

Introduction, by Marcus Rediker, Cassandra Pybus, and Emma Christopher
1. Edward A. Alpers, “The Other Middle Passage: The African Slave Trade in the Indian Ocean”
2. Iain McCalman, “The East African Middle Passage: David Livingstone, the Zambesi Expedition, and Lake Nyassa, 1858–1866”
3. James Warren, “The Iranun and Balangingi Slaving Voyage: Middle Passages in the Sulu Zone”
4. Nigel Penn, “The Voyage Out: Peter Kolb and VOC Voyages to the Cape”
5. Cassandra Pybus, “Bound for Botany Bay: John Martin’s Voyage to Australia”
6. Emma Christopher, “The Slave Trade Is Merciful Compared to [This]”: Slave Traders, Convict Transportation, and the Abolitionists”
7. Clare Anderson, “Convict Passages in the Indian Ocean, c. 1790–1860”
8. Scott Reynolds Nelson, “After Slavery: Forced Drafts of Irish and Chinese Labor in the American Civil War, or the Search for Liquid Labor”
9. Evelyn Hu-DeHart, “La Trata Amarilla: The “Yellow Trade” and the Middle Passage, 1847–1884″
10. Laurence Brown, “‘A Most Irregular Traffic’: The Oceanic Passages of the Melanesian Labor Trade”
11. Julia Martínez, “La Traite des Jaunes: Trafficking in Women and Children across the China Sea”
Afterword: “All of It Is Now,” by Kevin Bales and Zoe Trodd
Postscript: “The Gun-Slave Cycle,” by Marcus Rediker